Hog Tales Fun Day 10/06/13

The Little Adventurers meet on Monday, June 10th, at the Royal Armouries museum – Fort Nelson for our special ‘Hog Tales’ fun day. This session will allow children to learn more about science through the well-known story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’, but with a Fort Nelson twist. By taking part in Hog Tales at Fort Nelson our Adventurers will:

  • Discover what local materials were used to build Fort Nelson.
  • Examine the properties of different building materials through discussion and experimentation.
  • Experience interactive and fun story-telling.
  • Explore over 19-acres of this historic ancient monument.
  • Develop their personal, learning and thinking skills through co-operative learning.

Fort Nelson is home to the artillery collection of the Royal Armouries, part of the national museum of arms and armour. The fort has recently undergone a multi-million pound redevelopment. Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund the fort now has a new visitor centre, new galleries and state-of-the-art education facilities.

We meet at Fort Nelson (by the entrance) at 10:00am. Please wear appropriate clothing should there be any rain and the ground be muddy. Bring along a packed lunch or enjoy a snack, meal or refreshments in the fort café. Although this session runs until 2:00pm families are welcome to leave earlier if they wish.

Location: Fort Nelson, Portsdown Hill Rd, PO17 6AN
Time: 10:00am-2:00pm, Monday, June 10th
Price: £5.00 per child (further donations are voluntary but would be gratefully received)

This is a pre-paid event, payment must please be made by Tuesday 4th June. If you are interested in attending then please email us using our ‘Contact Us’ page or directly to: thelittleadventurers@me.com to confirm and reserve your places as soon as possible. Payment can be made by sending a cheque for £5.00, made payable to: Royal Armouries, to 37 Lansdowne Avenue, Portchester, Fareham, Hants PO16 9NN. We will unfortunately be unable to make any refunds for non-attendance to this session.